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Laurentiu Vlad


Police officer on uniform aiming a gun at protesters

Paris - Île-de-France - France

Saturday, marches against police brutality and systemic racism took place all over the country. Following the police shooting of 17yo Nahel last June and the resulting protests which saw widespread police brutality, the United Nation's emitted concerns about systemic racism in the country. The concerns were immediately dismissed by the French government as cases of police brutality ramped up during the summer. - Prior to the march, a great deal of far right political figures have called upon the government to prohibit it, calling it a display of hate towards the police, the republic and the nation. Even the chief of police of Paris and the minister of internal affairs have publicly condemned the march, without forbidding it however. Throughout the protest, police were mostly distant. - The protest was relatively calm and peaceful, with only two notable incidents happening in Paris. A bank was slightly vandalized prompting the intervention of riot police. Later, three officers coming out of a metro station without riot gear were attacked. They had to take shelter in a passing police car which got stuck in traffic and was subsequently vandalized. One of the officers took out his service w€ap0n and threatened protesters with it until military police intervened. After this incident, the march continued peacefully with Irish rugby fans joining in and shouting "Macron Démission"

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Shoot Date:September 23, 2023 4:17 PM
Posted Date:September 26, 2023 11:22 AM