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Laurentiu Vlad


People in black jackets holding red flare during a protest

France - Île-de-France - Paris

After several months without any violent protests, people all over France gathered in over 300 rallies to protest for various reasons. In Paris the Yellow Vests, unions and many other groups gathered and marched through Paris. After a calm morning, a few clashes occurred during the walk between Republic and Nation's square and by the end of the protest. A few banks and public structures were vandalized, in response the police attacked the March on several occasions arresting and injuring dozens of people with battons, stun grenades and tear gas. However, several Unions taking part in the protest ended up collaborating with the police after they let the head of the march to the hands of the police, eventually resulting in clashes between unionists and protesters following an alleged racist insult coming from the security unit of the union.

Size:5184px x 3456px
Camera Used:Canon - Canon EOS 7D
Shoot Date:May 1, 2021 3:30 PM
Posted Date:September 27, 2021 12:30 AM