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vahid zahiri


White birds on brown sand near body of water

I am very passionate about art and photography is a big part of that. I like to draw the beautiful things in life. And what is more beautiful than love and friendship. These photos have been taken through just normal everyday life events such as walking to work, visiting a friend, visiting different places, or just at home. There doesn't need to be a big gesture for having good meaningful photos. It is all about personal memories and appreciations. The locations of these photos are partly in UK and partly in Iran. They demonstrate that life can be at it's best if there is love, kindness, friendship, companionship and respect. The universe offers us kindness, love, peace and friendship through nature. The love and friendship which we receive from universe is pure and without any prejudice. In these photos we can see the serenity, fulfilment and pleasure of life through the beautiful summers day as well as warm winter nights, through home life with animals who offer unconditional love and friendship, or enjoying nature, refreshing riversides, beautiful trees, flowers and birds which bring us abundance of peace and purity in life. Some of the photos are about group events such as boat racing, Paralympic games or horseracing events, again demonstrative of friendships and respect otherwise there will not be any fulfilment or achievement. It doesn't matter where we are, it is still the friendships, family, love, kindness and respect that makes life worth living, whether you are walking along the river in a nice sunny day in summer eating ice-cream or you are rushing home in a cold winter day with a cosiness of eating a hot fire cooked salty jacket potato or a hot steam cooked sweet beet root. No matter which country we might be in, there is similar culture and events to a lesser or greater degree, maybe slightly different forms. However, we are all the same, we are born equal, no matter which culture, religion, land, skin colour or language, we all deserve the best things in life. We could enjoy life all the more if we can live in harmony, mutual respect, offering love, compassion, friendship and kindness to the whole universe, even if it is just a simple smile.

Size:5312px x 2988px
Camera Used:samsung - SM-G920F
Shoot Date:June 20, 2017 2:37 PM
Posted Date:July 25, 2020 10:17 PM