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Mae Angelique Antigro


Purple and green globe amaranth field

Hello, I took all of my photos from Palawan, Philippines, it's all about nature photography and few street/building photography and some are food photography and so on. I have different kinds of nature photography; like flower, landscape, few animal photos, and many more. Lots of them taken a years ago so kinda old yet has a fresh and wonderful vibe for me, will, it depends on how other people to perceive and understand the photos itself. These photos has a lots of meaning cuz I really love taking pictures wherever I go and I just saved it on my gallery; lots of meaning because it's my passion but I never pursue it that much I decided to do it as my hobby whenever I'm sad and happy. Every photos really matters to me, but now I want to let it go because I needed to earn. I know I can still go back to photography in the future, but not in this situation and I hope other people will like the simplicity of my photos. I like my photos to be simple and unique, that's why I don't usually use some fancy preset I do it on my own. I've used my mobile phone which is vivo, and various editing apps for preset. I'm not expert on photography it just my interest and hobby. I respect all photographers out there, you deserve to be recognize with your own creativities. Have a nice day!

Size:2352px x 3134px
Camera Used:vivo - vivo 1714
Posted Date:July 6, 2021 1:26 PM