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Lilla Horvath


People standing and raising hands

Oslo, BLM demonstration 2020 It makes me wonder what people see when they look at the crowd, either from their hotell rooms, jobs or from the bus driving by. Do they see a huge, scary, black and agressive crowd that expresses its anger in a wrong way? Do they see the seed of a positiv change? Or just something unknown, foreign and unpleasant? The more time I've spent in the crowd, the more I understood the reality of the news from the TV and this global debate of black lives matter. The more time I`ve walked in the crowd the more often I saw the same anger, fear and hopefullness on people`s faces. Because whatever the poeple see from their hotel rooms, jobs or from the bus driving by, it really is about people. About people you cannot know unless you walk side-by-side with them. These photos represent the reality and the closure of the "unpleasant black crowd" which really adds up to thousands of strangers who have one thing in common: they stand together. It was and is a very exciting and upsetting time to live in, and I was honored in so many ways to be able to capture the movement that day. I look forward to be apart of anything that can distibute to a positive change worldwide, and this was only the start.

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Posted Date:August 13, 2020 10:00 AM