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Surmi Solanki


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Dahanu Village-The last Aryan village in Ladakh. . The journey to Dahanu village was quite a long one from Leh. Going past the Alchi monastery, we followed the flow of Indus towards Pakistan. The mountain desert landscapes that accompanied the river kept the shutterbug in me going . Long ago, the Great King Alexander came to the Indus Valley to conquer it. From Indus to Beas, he spread his kingdom before turning back. He went home but left behind a few of his clansmen who settled in Ladakh. These men made this their home and lived a peaceful life in the Indus Valley. Unknown to many, they still live on as the last Aryan village in India. You can find them at Dahanu or the Dah Hanu Villages in Ladakh. . Lost treasures, Lost kingdoms and in this case a lost village and tribe. How could I not visit this, especially since I discovered that it is ahead of Alchi, close to Kargil. With my Ladakh Inner Line Permit in hand, I went ahead to meet the inhabitants of the Last Aryan Village. Questions filled my mind – Did they still have any relics of Alexander? How old was the oldest person? Did they practice their ancient traditions? How many people were there? And so much more. Answers to these lie in my visit to the Dahanu Village in Ladakh. . Speaking of traditional Aryan attire,they have an elaborate headgears called asTepi and said that they are decorated with local flowers that are sewn together. The women wear their hair in long plaits and have long earrings and necklaces. Given the harsh weather, their coats are made of sheepskin and wool. These are brightly colored as they love all that is vibrant. . If you are planning a visit to ladakh some time soon,add this on your list as well.Would definitely recommend you all to take a trek into this village,meeting the Last Aryans of ladakh and getting to know about their lives.

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Shoot Date:July 29, 2019 7:34 AM
Posted Date:February 11, 2021 9:46 AM