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Surmi Solanki


Green tent near snow covered mountain under cloudy sky

Lahaul And Spiti - Himachal Pradesh - India

Because when you stop and look around ,this life is pretty amazing. . . The longest road journey i have ever done and probably the most difficult off road journey.We were been told that this would be the most tiring off road journey for us and that we had to be prepared for whatever comes along the way.It took us almost an entire day’s road journey to reach Leh.Yes,it was the longest and the most difficult off road journey.With every km we passed we were going to a higher altitude so the fear of getting AMS(acute mountain sickness)was constantly on everyone’s mind.But drinking water every 2 mins was the key to survive AMS.Along with AMS,everyone’s oxygen level also had to be checked.We had to be safe.Take precautions just in case. . Finding food on regular intervals was very difficult.Sometimes we skipped a meal or two because we could not find any place to stop over and eat.But we survived all of these obstacles.With the beautiful view that we had through out the way,till the time we reached Leh,nature never stopped surprising me.With some good music,good company and everyone’s silly talks kept us all going. . Luckily enough for all of us we reached Leh by night.Of course no one fell sick or suffered AMS.We were all being very careful and took precautions.This was like an achievement for all of us,because after this we wouldn’t have to do any day long off road journey for the remaining Ladakh days.This was the last of the long road journey but definitely the most memorable one.

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Camera Used:Apple - iPhone XR
Shoot Date:July 19, 2019 9:05 AM
Posted Date:February 11, 2021 10:22 AM