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Giovanni Sartori


Grayscale photo of woman in black long sleeve shirt and white pants

These photos were shot between my house in Vicenza, its city centre, Venice, where I go to university, Rovereto (near Trento), Berlin and during some trips, like the one we took to Lake Tovel. I try everyday to capture my life with my friends and with my girlfriend, to give us something special to remember when we're old and hoary. They represent a bit of my everyday life, and also a bit of the experiences I made in the past two years. I cherish in particular the photos of Venice, because of the endless love I've for the city, and the one of the cyclists in Berlin because it was a crazy trip, which lasted a day, where we experienced the city in its day and night splendor.

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Posted Date:October 29, 2020 11:42 PM