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Abhijath Udayamvely


Gray wooden stand on brown soil

Ramanathapuram - Tamil Nadu - India

One of the best road trips with my family was when I went to Dhanushkodi for the third time, which was just before the COVID-19 lockdowns started. While on this trip, I got to experience the effect of tourists on a place like this. When I came here for the first time years ago, this place was like it was untouched by anyone from the outside world. It was serene. But after a couple of years, the place started getting more recognition as a tourist attraction, and when I visited the place for the second time, it had changed a lot. There were considerably more tourists, many different shops set up and there was a lot of rubbish. And then it was chaos when I visited the place for the third time. The place had lost its tranquillity. I consider myself really lucky to have visited the place years before it gained its popularity and to have experienced the calmness and beauty of such a historic place in South India. I still have the photos from the first visit but I don't think they are good quality photos.

Size:4000px x 3000px
Camera Used:GoPro - HERO7 Black
Shoot Date:March 7, 2020 4:52 PM
Posted Date:April 10, 2021 8:20 AM