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Leo Ahlgren


Brown brick house with white window

I have been on quite a spiritual journey. Experiencing things that most people would think is made up, or even psychotic. I have died a psychological death, where my persona disappeared but i discovered that i am a timeless being. I have seen the world as if i had the eyes of a newborn baby, everything i saw was shimmering like diamonds. Even trash on the sidewalk was shining with light from within, as if God itself said hello. I have experienced the light of God inside me, it felt like the entire sun inside of my heart. The Love is indescribable. I have got to known the oneness with myself and everything - that there is light in me and light in everything i see. I have energetically merged together with another human being, so that i could not tell the difference between us. Where do i end and you begin? I could not separate my body from hers. There is no concept of the world that i can fully subscribe to. No religions, no philosophies. The only thing i know is that i am being aware. And that you are, too. The only thing i can know is that i have an inner knowing. These experiences have changed everything i think of the world. And i am inspired to let this be reflected in the work that i do. There is such simple beauty in everything around us, if we stop and look long enough. I hope that i can inspire people to stop and calm their uneasy hearts. To really see the life around us, and to feel the life within us.

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Shoot Date:March 31, 2020 11:50 AM
Posted Date:May 16, 2020 7:31 PM