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Carlos Brayn Olivero Escalante


Woman in white long sleeve shirt covering her face with her hands

During the months of my biggest depression last year I could say to myself so many bad things and really discouraging things, I was in the mindset of not liking my passion, my work, my history, my family, my feelings, and myself, pretty concerned and sure that I was never going to be someone relatable to anyone, or to my friends, or to a piece of work, I was doing full work after I came to DR from Venezuela in the process of rise myself to an independent life, so much good work came, concerts, sessions, events, and I was seeing myself happy and encouraged to become professional soon, before than ever I thought in my life, working with people, so many people, and clients and events I realized that all my photography lately has been a commercial exchange, it became my career, I was more and more challenged to approach my goals in photography as a portrait photographer to succeed, success came to me for an idea of growth I could not become because I was having so much trauma, abuse and unhappy people around since childhood, I struggled to enjoy photography as a work of art instead of business and enough quality... I put myself in the place of the people who admire instead of create and all of that admiration became jealousy soon and the passion of photography felt like it was leaving my love, So many years before I wanted to do street photography, and I wanted to do it all the time as an exercise, I was never able to launch to the street with my work camera as it is heavy and to be honest I couldn't have the passion to take it everywhere after working, because work was tyring and boring. but I found this Ricoh GRIII and became aware of it's existence, when I went to buy it, couldn't afford one, so I looked for the GRII was very good too, supposed it would be cheaper, it was but still out of my budget, so I decided I wanted to search for it on the local market and couldn't find it neither until I went to facebook marketplace and search for it and some guy was selling his Ricoh GRII in excelent conditions without the original battery or charger, I engaged with him and bought it at 200$ instead of 550$, he was not using it and it was a gift from his grandfather from Spain (Also the place I would love to live), I looked why it was silver because didn't knew they sold it in that color, it didn't appear in any page or store, to my surprise RICOH had sold only 3200 limited silver edition and I was having one in my hands, I felt so lucky for having the camera I wanted and also that one, a limited edition... I took it with me, everytime I went out to party with my friends, to enjoy the music in the night and to talk about it next day, pictures of my friends in their birthdays, it became a part of my life, new work came, they wanted to have the photos I took with the Ricoh, I rejoyced because I was seeing everyone being so amazed with their photos, dancing, smiling, posing, partying, living, and friends they come to me and said how good they felt with themself in the photos, because of my friends and how beautiful we all always gather for the picture now that I recover my love for photography, life happens wherever you are, in 1 sec someone is in delight dancing, telling a joke and laughing, alone in their thoughts, dreaming... and everywhere, all the time and you capture it, you captured an emotion, all the time, you're giving an emotion with your photos, life happening everywhere you are should be documented and shared! To tell the story of our humanity.

Size:4928px x 3264px
Shoot Date:December 19, 2019 11:38 PM
Posted Date:June 25, 2020 10:13 PM