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Jem Carrillo


Woman in red floral lace brassiere

Madrid - Community of Madrid - Spain

In a world where women held the position of power, the landscape of beauty and personal care would change dramatically. Women would undoubtedly approach hair removal and the concept of beauty in a more diverse and inclusive manner if they were not constrained by cultural expectations and beauty standards. In this parallel scenario, the development of razors could have gone a different path. Women may have placed less focus on eradicating body hair because they value authenticity and embracing their real selves. Instead, a greater range of options would emerge, allowing people to choose how they wanted to show their beauty. As a result, societal conventions around hair removal would be less rigid, encouraging self-acceptance and empowering people to appreciate their own features. Beyond physical appearance, women's leadership in a world free of traditional beauty standards would have far-reaching consequences. Priorities would most likely shift to emphasize individual talents, abilities, and character rather than surface characteristics. The emphasis on meritocracy and equal opportunity would create a climate in which both men and women could prosper based on their abilities, accomplishments, and ideas. Society would welcome the inherent diversity in hair, recognizing the beauty in its many manifestations and encouraging people to express themselves genuinely rather than imposing a single standard of beauty. The limitations of traditional beauty standards would be broken by a world run by women, opening the door for a more diverse, inclusive, and empowered society. It would inspire people to value their physical attributes and redefine beauty in light of uniqueness, talent, and character.

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Posted Date:March 3, 2023 2:51 PM