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Swaraj Shrestha


Man in black outfit walking a horse on rocky mountain under blue sky

I delved into photography early on. Though at the time I was just trying to copy what my father (another photography enthusiast) did, I had no idea what a big role photography would play in my life.  I started getting associated with the art more frequently and seriously at the age of 16. Photography for me has been a medium to escape a daily routine of school life and home life. Most of the locations in the photographs are from my home country-Nepal. They are famous tourist destinations, but I have tried to capture them from a different perspective to what people normally do. For example, the waterfall image (Devi's Fall, Pokhara), most images of the waterfall are shots from a higher ground with the full waterfall in the image. What I did was- there is a cave near the waterfall and you can see the fall up closer and it's base as well, I decided to frame the fall in-between the openings of the cave. Similarly, I have also tried a few Photoshop-editing. The woman looking out the window from a airplane was not originally so. I took the image of the window seat with the sunset myself, but I found the image of a woman looking out a window on the Web(available for reproduction of course). I merged the images, added the sunset-y colors on the woman and viola. Most of my images are not planned in advance. I try to capture what I see, like the child with one hand out of the umbrella- afraid that her mother would scold her for playing in the rain, but also fighting the urge to just let lose in the water. The boy with the plastic water-bottle: after days of heavy rain, a field near my house had large puddles, and in it-tadpoles. He was trying to catch them inside the bottle. From the old man looking on as people pass him by, to birds trying to fight for a meal, all these images hold a story. In terms of photographs with models, I was inspired by the countless photographers on Instagram and the vision they showed via portraits. I wanted to try this for myself, and my friends lend me a hand by posing in front of the camera. I cannot sum up all the stories these photographs portray in a collective paragraph, but they are a representation of how I view the world.

Size:4928px x 3264px
Shoot Date:May 18, 2017 10:35 PM
Posted Date:May 14, 2020 5:23 AM