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steven char


Beige concrete building

After august 4 ( huge explosion that destroyed the capital of the country killing hundreds, thousands hurt and hundreds of thousands homeless ) the country was still going in a downward spiral. We went down august 5 to help as much as we can fix a bit the destruction that was there and help the needed whether with food supplies or house cleaning and fixing. Days later, a huge protest took place. Hundreds of thousands roamed the streets. We wanted to say " ENOUGH". And being among these people and getting tear gazed and being able to see how people were actually ready with everything that it took to help you in case you got hurt by the gaz. I am deeply saddened to see how my beautiful country is being torn into pieces. Being one of the people on the ground gives me a grain of hope that might keep me pushing. These images i captures do not give that day the right value but giving an insight on how strong us Lebanese are once we choose to unite. #HarperCollins

Size:6720px x 4480px
Camera Used:Canon - Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Shoot Date:August 8, 2020 5:51 PM
Posted Date:January 26, 2021 12:08 AM