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Abed El Amir is a retired doctor born in 1945, a single father of four living in Bir El Abed area, Dahye, Lebanon Living alone in a wide apartment, he rarely sees his children, and after living a fancy doctor life and have studied in Paris, France. He ended up back to the simple life he once had back in the old days. What would only feel like a prison for someone his age with no ability of transportation or company, is his place of habitation. Abed refused to be on camera, so I decided for his son to reenact what he knows about his father. From having shoes kept under the kitchen table to dirty laundry even after being washed. I tried to capture the feel of this house the second you walk in. deserted, dusty, and empty just like its owner. After sitting down with his youngest child. Mazen, the subject present in this series, insisted on saying and repeated that while growing up, he always wanted to be nothing like his dad even though everyone tells him about how identical they look.