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Into The Light

Raheleh, 13 years old and born blind, is living in a highland village called Heijleh in north of Iran. Her father is a cattleman and a tiller. Her mother, while afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), helps family in daily works. In her village, Heijleh, there is no school, and Raheleh has to pass a long muddy road which is more than 1 kilometer every day alone. The most annoying thing that bothers her is walking this long, arduous and craggy road. But due to her enthusiasm in learning, she is not disappointed. In spite of her born disability which caused her not to see her surroundings, she has not stopped her effort and curiosity to know the life. Colors have no sense for her, and the only thing she sees in days is absolute whiteness and at night darkness. During the day, Sun gives her the pleasant feeling of safety and security. She does not like the night coming. The seeking spirit of Raheleh makes her to have a new comprehension by touching the things, listening to the voices around and feeling warmness and coldness, and thus imagining their connections in her world. She loves nature and by asking questions about the things, she tries to discover new way for better living. Her hope to life and her efforts are incredible. She is a good example of a woman who regardless of physical difficulties, tries to go on and go on. Instead of fearing from outside and immersing in the solitudes, she faces boldly with the problems and welcome whatever which might be happened. - Into the Light / Zohreh Saberi.