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This collection can't sit still. In fact, it is our most evolving collection because just as life happens every day, so do new events and new stories. If life has taught us anything - it is that change is constant. Currently, our world is experiencing many changes, starting with COVID and wildfires, moving to the intense protests happening all over the world from BLM, Pride Month, Solidarity with Palestine, as well as in foreign countries such as Lebanon that sparked a global change in mentality, and how nations govern.  Doctors and scientists have set out to solve the global pandemic and now we have new vaccines being distributed to nations and countries worlwide.  Get coverage of important events happening within the LGBTQ community, images covering important changes within the Black community, social changes, changes in perspectives, modes of living and working, advancements in technology, and more.  Every day is changing and we have royalty-free authentic images covering it all.